Charlotte Preston:

I chose 1st Choice as the website was clear and included all the information I needed. Dave was a great tutor and I am happy to say it did not take me long to pass my test. I would recommend 1st Choice to anyone!

Georgie Blacker:

1st choice is a great driving school to learn with! They don’t rip you off or anything, I had a great time learning with them and I would definitely say to use them yourself! Dave especially is a very good instructor makes you feel at ease!

Ed Gray:

I took to driving like a duck takes to fire, Dave was a great teacher and very patient and I ended up passing first time! Also had a good laugh chatting whilst learning to drive

Talal Alfoadari:

Dave was a great driving instructor and made feel totally at ease, he was so good that I passed first time just like 6 other people I know that used him and passed first time. I would highly recommend 1st Choice driving school and my wife will shortly take her lessons with Dave too. Thank you Dave for putting me on the road and giving me my freedom!

Lauren Richardson:

I wouldn’t change anything about the lessons, the car was easy to use and Dave was a very friendly, patient, kind, caring man. Gave positive comments and things to work on so I knew what I needed to improve! Recommended to everyone who is looking for a driving instructor! Passed with only two minors first time and I felt comfortable taking my driving test because Dave was always giving positive comments and I felt I could pass. Thank you for everything Dave 🙂

Emma Kershaw:

Me and my two sisters learnt to drive with Dave and he never rushed you into anything, the car was easy to drive and we always had a good natter! Thank you for everything!

Jackie Allsworth:

I learnt to drive with Dave 15yrs ago, very friendly & made you feel comfortable, I passed my test first time, I recommended him to my 3 sons they all passed, it should be called Top choice!  Make them your 1st choice!

Charmaine Winman:

The  best driving instructor by far, really built my confidence up. Patient and friendly guy. It took me 6 attempts to pass but Dave never let me be down about it for long. I recommend 1st Choice to everyone. Thanks Dave

Andy Pugh:

Dave is a top bloke! Me, my mum and two of my brothers all passed first time under Dave’s instruction! Highly recommended!

Anita Barrie:

I learnt to drive with Dave and he is a true professional, very friendly and chatty, I felt very comfortable learning with him as I had two previous instructors before finding Dave. Well recommended!

Stacey Cooper:

I can’t recommend this driving school enough Dave is chatty, patient (he needed to be) and encouraging and I’ve recommended him to everyone I know

Alex Coombs:
I chose 1st Choice  as my sister had previously learnt to drive with them and thoroughly recommended them to me. At first I was anxious about learning to drive, however within the first lesson this feeling was gone. My lessons were enjoyable and informative; I looked forward to them every Wednesday! Dave was always calm and easy to talk to and I always felt confident to ask any questions. I have been driving confidently for over a year now and I would highly recommend Dave and 1st Choice Driving School!

Phil Graham:
I had attempted my practical test on 2 occasions when a friend told me that 1st Choice Driving School had a high pass rate. The whole process was done within two months! It seemed like I had a mountain to climb during the induction lesson. I found learning with Dave to be a great process, it was easy and enjoyable with noticeable results. He exercised excellent teaching methods based on extensive knowledge. It felt incredible to hear “You’ve passed”  1st Choice Driving School produces quality drivers. Your weakness is their strength and the results are life changing.

Rachel Pancott:
I had driving lessons with a national driving company but each lesson was too regimental just like following instructions from a manual, I did not find that I was learning enough! I decided to try a local company and found 1st Choice on-line. I could not have made a better choice! I found each lesson very enjoyable and was able to learn everything I needed to know to get me through my test. I would highly recommend using 1st Choice to anybody looking to pass their driving test!

Rebecca Clark:
I decided to learn to drive with 1st Choice as Dave had been recommended to me by a couple of friends who has passed with him. I was very nervous about driving but Dave took the time to reassure me and was also happy to explain things in detail (with little pictures if necessary) so that I felt confident in carrying them out. I passed my test 2 weeks ago and am now enjoying driving.

Mark Lewis:
I was told about 1st Choice through a friend so got in touch with Dave and never regretted one part, from my first initial lesson to shaking Dave’s hand after passing my test 1st time which was a great feeling and proves Dave’s standards of teaching. Thanks again Dave and highly recommend anyone to get in touch.

Chris Allen:
I chose 1st Choice after switching from another instructor and the choice certainly paid off. Dave is a first rate instructor and a great calming influence in the car, as well as being good company on the drives to Banbury !! I would always recommend 1st Choice and did so to my brother who is currently learning with Dave.

Kelly Rayson:
I chose 1st Choice because after having a bad experience with a previous instructor I spent a lot of time looking at the websites for instructors. I saw that Dave had so many good testimonials and so I thought it was worth a try. We started right from the basics and I found that Dave explained things really well and so I understood why I had to do things rather than just knowing what I had to do which seemed to help my learning. Ended up passing first time and would recommend him to anyone.

Ben Lambert:
I chose 1st choice driving school due too it’s professional and enjoyable approach too teaching all types of learner drivers. I heard a lot of good reviews of the driving school and decided to go for them. I found the overall experience of learning to drive with the school very enjoyable and a great environment too learn in.

Siobhan Chicken:
When I was looking for a driving instructor, my main influences were reviews and recommendations from friends and family members. Both of my sisters successfully passed their driving tests first time and enjoyed their experiences with 1st choice. The price of 1st Choice was slightly more expensive compared to other local  instructors, however I believed that perhaps the additional costs would result in a more informative driving experience with fewer lessons required, therefore becoming more overall cost effective. I very much enjoyed my experience with 1st choice and passed my test on my first attempt. I found every lesson to be worthwhile as Dave contributed a tranquil environment with guidance that improved my driving abilities and confidence. The lessons were practical and informative and I always felt confident that after each lesson I had learned something new. My driving experience positively shaped my driving abilities as I still continue to drive now on my own with confidence.

Luke Norris:
I was recommended to 1st choice by a friend of mine and found Dave to be a great teacher. Very easy to get along with and I enjoyed every lesson. He helped me to pass my test first time and I would recommend him to anyone.

Simon Allsworth:
I chose 1st choice driving school because three of my family members went with them and they all passed first time. I found some of the tasks easy and the ones that weren’t then Dave took me though them step by step and I got there. The overall experience was good and I now have my driving licence and am on my way.

Leona Sharooni:
I chose first choice because one of my friends highly recommended them! I was very nervous about beginning to drive and didn’t know what to expect. When I first met Dave he was extremely friendly and I was very relaxed around him. he was a very patient and calm instructor who explained things clearly and well. If I felt I wasn’t able to do something, Dave always reassured me and gave me the determination to continue! Overall, I enjoyed learning to drive with Dave and would recommend 1st choice to anyone!! 🙂

Emma Gouldstone:
I had a fantastic learning experience with 1st Choice Driving School. I was always comfortable and happy during my lessons and felt that I was constantly making progress at my own rate. After each lesson I could think of something new that I had learned giving me confidence for the following lesson to go on and pass first time!

Louise MacPherson:
I chose 1st choice driving school when a friend recommended them to me, I was not happy with my previous instructor as I felt I wasn’t getting very far and my confidence was shattered. I found 1st choice boosted my confidence and made me feel at ease, needless to say I passed both theory and practical test first time!! Really very, very pleased.

Lee Griffin:
I chose 1st Choice Driving School because other people I knew had found Dave to be a very good instructor and this was very true. I found learning very enjoyable; all of my instructions were clear and well explained amongst conversations about football.

Andrea Spooner:
Initially I was learning to drive with a nationwide driving school and lost my confidence behind the wheel. It was my mum who got in contact with 1st Choice Driving School and explained the experience I’d had and booked me a lesson. Thanks to Dave & 1st Choice since that first lesson I have not looked back, I’ve been out on my own for two & a half years now and still love it. 1st Choice has not only seen me pass but also my sister and her soon to be husband. I highly recommend 1st Choice to anyone looking for a driving school or just after a boost in their confidence behind the wheel.

Aaron Grace:
I chose 1st choice because of the name so I thought I would make it my first choice, and I’m glad I did. I enjoyed all of my driving lessons with 1st choice, worth every penny. Dave was very calm and understanding, he made me feel comfortable and confident in my driving. I would recommend 1st choice to any learners.

Stacy Wilkinson:
1st choice was the 3rd driving instructor I had and I just wish I’d gone there first and saved myself some money, I never expected to pass my test first time but thanks to a very patient and supportive instructor I did just that, I have recommended you to everyone who says they are thinking of starting lessons.

Matt Crook:
I chose 1st Choice Driving School because they had been recommended by a friend, they were a local business and not a big name company and they were competitively priced. I really enjoyed learning to drive with 1st choice, Dave allowed me to learn at my own pace, but at the same time pushed me to improve. When it came to taking my test I felt ready and confident because of the teaching I had received with 1st Choice.

Fiona Nash:
I chose 1st choice driving school as Dave taught both my mother and my older sister. I enjoyed learning to drive with Dave as he explains everything properly and supported me fully after I panicked too much and failed my first attempt at my test, he then taught me how to calm down and this aided me through my 2nd attempt to give me a pass. Thanks to the teaching I received at 1st choice I have had the confidence to further my driving  and if I were to recommend a driving school 1st choice would be the one I would think of and recommend every time.

Katy Coombs:
I had started to learn to drive with another instructor and didn’t seem to be progressing very well. Dave was recommended to me by a friend of the family so thought I would give him a try. Within weeks I had gained so much more confidence on the roads and felt I could trust him 100%. I looked forward to my lessons each week and passed first time – on the same day as my boyfriend who was also learning with Dave!

Natalie Burke:
I chose 1st choice driving school after watching one of my friends driving. She was so confident, was a brilliant driver, and hadn’t long passed her test. I decided to go with Dave who had taught my friend to drive. From my first lesson with Dave I felt so sure of myself and I realised I was a good driver. The lessons with Dave are great. He has amazing people skills and he can talk about anything and everything. I was worried about having a male instructor as I’m a girl. But he was totally professional and always made me laugh on our lessons!

He knew I could pass my driving test. He told me I would. And I did.  I’m so glad I went with 1st Choice. I’m such a confident driver now. I love it. And it’s all thanks to Dave. I would never have done it without him.

Lauren Griffin:
I chose 1st Choice driving school as my brother had used the driving school before I began learning to drive and he passed 1st time. I found my learning experience extremely relaxed and I also passed first time. I would recommend 1st Choice to anyone who is going to start to learn to drive.

Kelly DeSantis:
I chose 1st Choice after they were recommended to me by a fair few of my friends. Dave really helped me get over my ridiculous fear of driving. He was calm, informative and we had a good gossip! He really put me at ease and I found myself really enjoying driving. All this helped me pass the dreaded driving test first time and it was down to him that I became a confident driver. Thank you!

Leah Baughan:
I chose 1st choice driving school because Dave was recommended to me by a family member. I found Dave reliable and punctual, I felt very comfortable with him. He is very professional and patient, he explains things really well and clearly. He gave me the confidence I needed and he is easy to get along with. Dave was my 3rd driving instructor I just wish I went to him 1st, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough, even with my lack of co-ordination he still managed to get me through my test! Brilliant!

Josh Paylor:
I chose 1st Choice Driving School as my brother used them and suggested I used them, I found learning to drive very easier and was helped along by my instructor Dave. He gave good precise instructions and advice and made learning to drive very fun and enjoyable. I passed without taking loads of lessons, I felt the lessons went at a pace suited to me, meaning I was completely ready on my test day to take my test and it showed as I passed first time, my instructor Dave was very easy to get along with and was always nice and polite. I would strongly recommend anyone to use 1st Choice Driving School and have recommended them to all my friends and my sister will definitely be using them in 3 years time when she is 17.

Judy Middleton:
At the age of 57 my life circumstances made me realise that I needed to drive and to be able to do that I had to pass my test, I had no idea which would be the best driving school but I wanted someone who was local to my area and thought I would try 1st Choice Driving School which proved to be a very good choice for me, Dave Amott  couldn’t have been a more friendly considerate teacher and as a nervous learner I appreciated the patience and guidance he showed, after some lessons I passed my Theory test at the second attempt, and despite any doubts that I ever would, I passed my Driving Test at the second attempt much to my pleasure and surprise, In fact I was so surprised I nearly forgot to pay for my lesson! I could not have done it without Dave Amott’s help and would thoroughly recommend 1st Choice to anyone seeking to learn to drive.

Natalie Baker:
1st Choice Driving School was recommended to me by two very good friends of mine. I was always a bit nervous about learning to drive but Dave made me feel very comfortable and helped me throughout. I gained a lot of confidence and passed my theory and practical first time, which I was so happy about! The best part of learning to drive with 1st Choice was having Dave as my instructor, as not only was he very understanding, he was very easy to talk to and get along well with. I would definitely recommend 1st Choice Driving School to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Steffi Gumm:
I chose 1st choice driving school because I knew a lot of people that learnt and passed with them, and I had received great feedback. So when the time was right I decided to give it ago, I didn’t have any confidence whatsoever and was very nervous. My feelings soon changed because my instructor was extremely considerate as he instructed me. As time went on I grew more comfortable, some days I made mistakes but it happens. It would just make me more determined to put it right to be perfect. My instructor always made me think positively, I simply knew I would do it in the end. I have been driving for a year and 2 months now and I love it, thanks to 1st choice driving school.

Mary Hanna:
I chose 1st choice as it was highly recommended to me. From the very first lesson Dave put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable.

I really enjoyed my lessons as Dave was not only a great teacher, but I felt I could have a laugh as well which made me more relaxed.
I felt that his methods of teaching were great and the things he taught me are still with me when I’m driving around now. I would highly recommend 1st choice to anyone.

Steph Hall:
I started learning to drive with a well known driving school but was not seeing much improvement in my driving with these lessons so I was recommended by a friend to have lessons with 1st Choice. Dave is a really friendly instructor who has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable behind the wheel. within a few months I had taken my test and passed first time with 2 minors…I’ve since passed on his number to any friends I know who want to learn to drive.

Joanna McFarlane:
I’m so glad I picked 1st Choice Driving School to learn with, instructions were easy to understand, instructors are really friendly and you’re kept calm and safe in the car at all times. I really recommend them!

Lee Hilsdon:
I found my experience of learning to drive with 1st Choice a very enjoyable one. They are very friendly and make you feel more at ease immediately. They are very professional and reliable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend family and friends to use 1st Choice and have done on many occasions.

Katy Morris:
I first chose 1st choice driving school as my mum and sister had previously been with him and passed 1st time. I found my experience with Dave a very good one as he is so calm and relaxed, never shouted and was very patient. I also passed 1st time as did many of my other friends that chose 1st choice driving school recommended by me. I often see Dave driving around and wave to him and he is also one of my facebook friends!

Laura Dallimore:
I chose to go with 1st choice through recommendation, I found 1st choice a great experience to learn to drive with. Dave is very patient and makes the experience enjoyable, I progressed very quickly with him, he’s a great instructor, I always recommend!

Sarah Karnik:
‘I went to 1st Choice following several unsuccessful tests with other local instructors. Dave was endlessly patient and always made me feel at ease, despite me not being confident initially following less than successful previous driving experiences. 1st Choice are  great value for money, flexible and reliable. Highly recommended!

Karen Campbell:
When I started learning to drive at a young age I had a bad experience when I was learning!! A motorcycle was hit by another car but the rider landed on the car I was learning to drive in! It shook me up and I left it for several years and a few children later before I thought about trying again. I looked through the phone book and spotted 1st choice and thought I would try them. Well Dave was such a relaxed person no moaning about things I did wrong in my lesson, he gave me so much confidence that I passed with him!!  That was quite a few years ago and I have given his name to most of my family and friends over the years and again most of them have passed with him FIRST time. He is a lovely man and will always be held very high on my list of friends.

Hannah Gray:
After three different instructors and two failed driving tests I was seriously considering taking the bus for the rest of my life! I gave up driving for 6 months but then a friend recommended  1st Choice and I thought I would give it one last shot.

Dave immediately put me at ease and my confidence soared as I began to actually understand putting the theory of driving into practice thanks to his patience as teaching skills. I passed my test 5 years ago something I don’t think I would I’ve ever done without 1st Choice!

Sinead Webster:
I chose to learn to drive with 1st choice because two of my friends had learnt to drive with you and had passed first time.

You were very friendly and patient and the methods of driving were easy to follow and you encouraged me by saying how well I was doing. If I did make any mistakes you didn’t shout or getting impatient, you just told me where I went wrong and then practiced it again. My overall experience with 1st choice driving school was very good and when I felt confident enough I booked my test and passed first time.

Sarah Lincoln:
I chose 1st choice driving school as I had good feedback from a friend who was also with 1st choice. I found learning to drive with 1st choice was laid back, well paced and thorough. I also felt confident quite soon on and passed 2nd time. The overall experience was fun, easy to learn, understanding and I would definitely recommend 1st choice to anyone.

Jason Beckett:
1st Choice is what you can call a Driving School. Because, I had been with another driving company before this one and it showed me what a difference 1st Choice made, which then gave me my confidence back and helped me to pass with their expertise.

If I had to take my test again, I would 100% pick 1st Choice.

Matt Hillsdon:
I learnt to drive with 1st choice, as my brother recommended them. It was stress free learning to drive with 1st choice as they were very patient and professional.

Rebecca Baker:
I began driving lessons with another driving school but felt that I wasn’t making much progress so my sister recommended 1st Choice to me. Dave made the whole experience much easier and helped me to build up my confidence with driving. He was very easy to talk to and explained everything I needed to know very clearly. I now have the skills I need to be a safe and confident driver for life and would highly recommend 1st Choice to anyone who wants to learn.

Yasmin Davies:
I chose 1st Choice initially because the prices were very reasonable. After a few months of on-off lessons I decided to take a break. After I passed my theory I decided to get back into the swing of things and immediately called 1st Choice. I got right back into driving and was really starting to enjoy it, although there were tears at times! Of course Dave was great, encouraging me and handing out the tissues! A good relationship between the instructor and the pupil is vital, and that is definitely something you as a pupil are offered with 1st Choice. I went on to pass my driving test, and honestly could not have done it without all the encouragement and support 1st Choice gave me.

Ben Faulkner:
I chose to learn with 1st choice because I had many good things about them. My older sister had learnt with them and she had passed first time, for me, there was no other choice. The lessons were very friendly and my instructor was easy to learn from and pick up many good techniques with. The deals for buying the lessons also showed me the level of commitment Dave had for my learning to drive. On the week of my test he informed me he was on a 100% pass rate and I felt no pressure in knowing this, only a strong feeling that I was too going to pass first time, and I did. For me there was never a dull moment, nor anytime I did not want to learn, as Dave made it friendly and was a constant guidance for me, I would not have had such a good time learning if it wasn’t for him and his good nature. I would pass them onto anyone and recommend them totally. Thank you for the experience and for the great times.