Refresher / motorway lessons

If you have a full licence but haven’t driven for a while and need your confidence boosting or simply want to update your skills we can arrange a course to suit your individual requirements.

It doesn’t take long to master the nerves, eliminate bad habits and build up the confidence to get back onto the road again.  If city driving seems a bit intimidating or you are not too sure about driving on dual carriageways or motorways we can structure a short course to get you to drive confidently on all roads.

Motorways to the newly qualified driver can seem like a very daunting place – everything seems faster and other drivers may behave differently. There are different hazards and rules to get to grips with.

Facing these new conditions can be scary and some people never drive on a motorway, but learning to drive on a motorway is much less of a challenge than learning to drive in the first place. Our specialist motorway lessons are a way for you to get onto motorways to drive safely and confidently.



Whatever your situation we can help.